Heavy truck companies pay attention to the logistics market and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles is committed to providing professional solutions

More and more companies are riveting their efforts to dry heavy trucks. First, heavy trucks are one of the most profitable vehicles compared to other commercial vehicle models. Second, there are statistics showing that annual sales of heavy trucks have been between 2005 and 2010. From 236,600 vehicles to more than 1 million vehicles, the growth rate and the overall steady growth of China's economic situation are expected, and its market potential is widely optimistic. Even though some people have looked at the performance of the light truck market since 2011, the momentum of heavy truck sales by commercial vehicle companies has become irresistible.

Here, it is especially important to note that the logistics industry is getting better and better: people are paying more and more attention to the improvement of transportation efficiency and the reduction of logistics costs. This will allow the heavy trucks with higher technological content to have greater room for growth. Whether it is the old heavy truck companies Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, China National Heavy Duty Truck, FAW Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, etc., or the emerging power Universiade heavy trucks and Jirui United trucks, they have all pulled their postures and are waiting to be met. It can be said that heavy trucks are a blockbuster for companies, and logistics is a blockbuster for heavy trucks. Taobao trips for elites have already begun.

Including Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, China National Heavy Duty Truck, FAW Jiefang, Shaanxi Auto, Futian Auman, etc., the backbone of China's heavy truck market, they face more than the competition from the outside, as well as the company itself. The so-called hitting mountains and rivers is difficult and it is difficult to defend the rivers and mountains. How can they use their logistics needs to successfully defend their status as rivers and lakes?

The Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is particularly mentioned here. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China’s macroeconomic environment will maintain a sustained and relatively stable growth. The road logistics and transportation industry will inevitably have relatively stable demand. Therefore, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles are very optimistic about the logistics industry. development of. To this end, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will support the development of the industry in terms of product technology, provide highly efficient energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products; and the development of the logistics industry itself, especially the centralized characteristics of third-party logistics and intensive logistics organizations, and the intelligence of vehicles. Management, the company is very concerned about. With the development of the logistics industry in the future, not only Dongfeng Tianlong, Dongfeng Tianjin and other existing product platforms, but Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will introduce more new products.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. will develop a number of industrial vehicles specifically for the needs of some companies through research and communication. For manufacturers, the technology must follow-up and make a lot of adjustments, and then adjust the company's products, with the use of users, Dongfeng commercial vehicle performance will continue to reflect the superiority.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is mainly a medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturer, but like all foreign brands, its goal is to serve the road transport industry, and it hopes to become a provider of vehicle solutions for the road transport industry. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles is currently working hard to provide a good product, because the right products are available to the right users, followed by financial support, operational support, contract services, and car insurance.

In addition to Dongfeng commercial vehicles, the achievements of China's oldest giant China National Heavy Duty Truck are obvious to all. The heavy-duty market in 2011 should be a modest situation, not as good as the 2010 firestorm, but it will not be too bad. In particular for the logistics vehicle market, China National Heavy Duty Truck Judeka T7H adopts the world's most advanced Man D20-430PS engine, matching China National Heavy Duty 16 block aluminum alloy gearbox, while ensuring good carrying capacity, but also Lightweight features will be welcomed by logistics users after listing. As for the HOVA series of low-speed tractors of China National Heavy-duty Truck Co., the reputation of the low-speed tractors is very good now. It is called an innovator of short-distance transfer operations such as ports and steel mills, because of its excellent performance and wide application. Relatively moderate.

Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles environmental protection, electric vehicles will not discharge toxic gases, causing air pollution, which is the first major advantage of electric vehicles compared to cars and other means of transport. Some people may say that the electric car battery with bad, it will cause pollution, this view has been not realistic. Because now there is a battery repair technology, can quickly repair the old battery, the old battery can still buy and sell money, and can achieve the unified management and disposal of used batteries, so the electric car is a kind of not pollute the environment Green transport. Energy: the same 100 km walk away, the car generally 5-15 liters of gasoline, motorcycles have 2-6 liters of oil, but the electric car as long as about 1-3 degrees. In the world of energy crisis is increasing, the electric car is a very sensible choice. Save money: due to energy saving, the use of electric vehicles than other means of transport to save more. For example, the same use of the journey (according to about 1,000 kilometers per month), the use of cars to spend 600 yuan; the use of motorcyclists to 200 yuan, and electric cars were only 30 yuan. Therefore, the electric car by the masses of the people welcome. Save trouble: now with fuel trucks, in addition to refueling expensive, there is a difficult problem of refueling. With the sharp rise in international oil prices, the rapid increase in the total domestic automobile, China's oil shortage problem has become increasingly prominent. Many gas stations can not be all-weather trip to open the supply of gasoline, the results of car owners often have to line up and other fuel. Sometimes finally routed to, was told that the oil did not, and there is no gas station near the whole life arrangements have been disrupted. The electric car does not exist the problem of refueling, as long as the charge on time, in the daily city life can replace the car. Even if the occasional no electricity, the streets around the temporary charging point and the basement of the parking room can also be a good solution to the problem.

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