Caterpillar China Distribution Center officially launched

On May 18th, 2011, Caterpillar China Distribution Center officially launched the distribution business. The general parts and components issued by its public bonded warehouses were successfully delivered to three Caterpillar equipment manufacturing plants in the country, and China and Asia Pacific regions were opened. Caterpillar logistics nodes in the world and even the first step in sharing material supply and demand. According to the complex inbound and outbound business model of the distribution center, the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, the Park Customs, and the national inspection departments have devoted great efforts to research and coordination. They have created a variety of pre-emptive supervision models, which have greatly boosted the success of the distribution center. Operation.

Caterpillar is the world’s largest producer of earth-moving machinery and construction machinery, and a major supplier of diesel engines, natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines to the world’s top 500 Fortune 500 companies. Caterpillar Logistics is a global top 20 logistics company and is affiliated with Caterpillar, a Fortune 500 company.

It is reported that the manufacturing logistics service provided by the distribution center will cover Caterpillar's all production plants and supporting suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region, providing procurement, storage, simple assembly and 7×24-hour uninterrupted distribution and feeding for the production of common parts. service. In the future, Caterpillar China Logistics Center expects to manage more than tens of thousands of parts, gradually expand its service scope from China to the Asia-Pacific region, and eventually integrate into the Caterpillar global production common parts network, with the United States, Brazil, India, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Other logistics center nodes share material supply and demand globally.

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