Cast Iron Wafer Type Check Valve

Model NO.: H76X-16C
Flow Direction: Unidirection
Standard: ANSI
Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage
Size Range: 1.5 Inch to 24 Inch (Dn40-Dn600)
Seat: Metal/ EPDM / Buna-N/ Vion
Class: ANSI 125 / 250
Brand: as Per Your Request
Advantage: Long Working Life Without Leakage
Trademark: DS
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet, Plywood Case, etc
Specification: Quality Grade: CE and ISO9001
Origin: Yantai Shandong China
HS Code: 84813000
Double plate check valve wafer type

SPLIT DISC-Cast iron body with epoxy coating and split disc design (Bronze Disc) Wafer connection ANSI 125/150 EPDM, NITRILE (Buna N) bearing. Stainless steel spring hinge pin. Lifting ring standard. Above 4".
Temp Max: 180° F(80° C) Pressure Max: 200 PSI
Two independent discs, hinged on a common shaft are held parallel against an elastomer seat by torsional spring force
Split Disc check valves are designed for simple Flange-supported installations between standard flanges in the horizontal or in the vertical flow up position. For horizontal flow applications valve must be installed with disc hinge pin in the vertical position to insure proper operation.
General Utilities; Chemical; Power Generation; Oil Field; HVAC; Marine; Petrochemical; Steel Industry;
Mechanical Contractors; Commercial Construction

2. Working pressure: PN10/16/25
3. Tests: API598; DIN3230
4. Flange standard: DIN2501 PN10/PN16; BS4504 PN10/PN16;
BS10 TABLE"D"/"E" /JIS2220 10K/16K; ANSI125/150
5. Face to face: ANSI125/150; DIN3203 K3-1999
6. Applications: Water, industrial systems
7. Working temp: EPDM: -10° C~+120° C/NBR: -10° C~+80° C/VITON: -23° C~+150° C/
8. Medium: Fresh water, sea water, waste water, food stuff, steam, all kinds of oil, all kinds of acid and alkaline liquid etc

Item Description Available   materials
1 Body Grey cast iron GG25; Ductile ironGGG40; CF8M
2 Spring Stainless steel 316
3 Door Stainless steel 316,304; Al.Bronze; Carbon steel
4 Lifting Eye Bolt  Steel
6 Hinge pin Stainless steel 316
7 Stop pin Stainless steel 316
8 Gasket Teflon
9 Stop pin retainer  Steel
10 Hinge pin retainer  Steel

Cast Iron Wafer Type Check Valve
Cast Iron Wafer Type Check Valve

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