Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5

Model NO.: 385/65R22.5
Cord Material: Steel Wire
Inner Tube: Tubeless
Customized: Customized
Condition: New
Color: Black
Index & Speed Level: 160K
Max Load: 4500
Max Pressure: 900
Transport Package: Standard Packing or Customer Requirement
Specification: 385/65R22.5
Origin: Shandong China
HS Code: 4012902000

Technical data:

10.00R20 16 TT 278 1054 146/143 3000/2725 830/830 F 7.50 21
18 TT 278 1054 149/146 3250/3000 930/930 F 7.50
11.00R20 16 TT 293 1085 150/147 3350/3075 830/830 F 8.00 22
18 TT 293 1085 152/149 3550/3250 930/930 F 8.00
12.00R20 18 TT 315 1125 154/151 3750/3450 830/830 F 8.50 22
20 TT 315 1125 156/153 4000/3650 900/900 F 8.50

Characters of our truck tires:
  1.Long working life: our tires are tested to run 200,000-300,000 kilometers on paved roads.
  2.Strong carcass: the tires can be retreaded for twice after the original tread is worn out.
  3.Superior quality: our tires have passed international quality certifications like DOT, ECE, LABEL, GCC, NOM, SONCAP, etc.
  4.Good service: quick delivery within 15 days, flexible payment terms and OEM branding are available.
Packing& Package
Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5

1. Radial Truck Tire Delivery: 

25-35 days for orders not more than  50000pcs

2. Radial Truck Tire MOQ: 1X40HQ MIX 

3. Tire price: we have price on basis FOB China main port and CIF your destination for your choice

4. Payment terms for first order: 

(1) T/T  30% deposit and balance after shipment against B/L copy

(2) 100% L/C at sight

5. Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners.

      Company Information

Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5

Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5

Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5

                                Why choose our YUANLITONG: 

(1)best tyre manufacturers in China
(2)Chinese military supplier, products experience a complexity of the environment   with a variety of tests
(3)From the pure technology, high-speed safety is super good
(4)OEM on many of the automobiles in china
(5)competitive prices and fast delivery
(6)powerful tyre manufacturer and famous brand
(7)wide range of sizes 

                        The reason Consumers choose us:

(1) our tire is best in quality------- tire treads are with good
Design, ribs arestrong, rubber are best selcted from Malysia, we have
Soft and hard compond foryour choice, all tyres are with true quality
(2) our tire are strictly controled by each process, we onlyselling
Class A quality tire
(3) we put efforts on long terms cooperation, first order, we willneed
Your cooperation to do in nomal payment terms, we have very
Flexiblepayment terms up to 90 days after 2 cooperation and alway, we
Trust our clientsand we treat you as partners, we will grow together
With you in your market
(4) we protect your market and profit, we will put only one clientin
One area to avoid any bad copetition.
We treat the quality as our life and the reputation as our eyes, we are serious about the cooperation with every client.

Long Working Life Best Rubber Radial Truck Tyre/Tires R22.5



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