64 Trays Electric Industrial Bread Baking Oven

Model NO.: GY-41
Trademark: Genyond
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: ISO9001
Origin: Shanghai, China

Product Introduction

1.The Model rotary convection ovens divided into three types: electric , gas and diesel oil type .it can bake different series of bread, cake , moon cake , poultry and many other pastries .It is widely used in food factory, supermarket, bakery, department, units ,and army. Also it's suitable for Individual food processing house, cake house, west biscuits house. 


2.With whole adopt assembly structure, the appearance is made of stainless steel , inside of the oven for baking is made of importing alclad sheet. The frame can moving freedom,and at the top of the inside oven with a circumrotate pothook, and adopt blast force heated air circulation; this can enhance the efficiency of the thermal transmission , and reduce the heating time, so it may cause a more frugal energy.



Electric,gas and diesel oil fuel type available 

1.Wide baking range, suitable for meat,bread, moon cake, toast,biscuit,cake,etc. Proven round baking design,engineered for uniform heat distribution. 

2.Good performance for keeping temperature. 

3.High heating efficiency. 

4.The temperature can be adjusted automatically. 

5.Equip with time alarm. 

6.With inner lamp and glass window to see the baked food clearly. 

7.Large baking capacity,32 dishes each time. 

8.Good baking effect,color with clear separation 


Main technical parameter

64 Trays Electric Industrial Bread Baking Oven

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64 Trays Electric Industrial Bread Baking Oven

64 Trays Electric Industrial Bread Baking Oven

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