Guangdong Speed ​​Auto Parts Strategy attracts Beiqi Foton to participate

After expanding the scale of the vehicle with a joint venture, Guangdong has made frequent moves in the development of auto parts and components. First, it issued a number of auto parts bases and threw out investment “olive branches” to famous domestic private enterprises. Not long ago, Zhongshan announced the opening of the largest production base for lithium batteries and new energy vehicles in the south. These events all show that Guangdong's auto parts industry has a large-scale trend.

The reporter learned that as early as two years ago, Guangdong began to develop a road map for the key components of the automotive industry as a long-term development plan for the next 20 years. The introduction of strategic emerging industry planning in 2010 and the impact of auto parts from the 2011 Japan earthquake have become two other drivers for Guangdong's speeding up of auto parts.

New energy car will be more action

Zhongshan City decided to build a new energy automotive industry base in the Linhai Industrial Park in Zhongshan Torch Development Zone and strive to establish it as a strategic emerging industrial base in the province. The total investment of the base is about 40 billion yuan, which integrates the production of complete electric vehicles and core components, lithium batteries, and charging station facilities and equipment. The estimated annual production value will reach 100 billion yuan. New energy vehicle power and control systems and power batteries will be the key development industries in the new energy field in Zhongshan City. After the project is completed and put into production, Zhongshan will become the largest production base for lithium batteries and new energy vehicles in the south.

Zhongshan New Energy Base attracted the participation of Beiqi Foton. According to information released by Foton Motor, Foton Motor plans to invest 1.2 billion yuan in the Zhongshan Torch Development Zone to build a production project for new energy vehicles and their parts and components. After completion, it plans to form a production capacity of 20,000 new energy special vehicles.

“In the new round of parts and components distribution in Guangdong, the new energy vehicles will have a bigger action,” said Li Lefu, a professor at the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at South China University of Technology. He was involved in the development of a key auto parts component of the Guangdong road map. He said that the current energy problem in the automotive industry is relatively acute, and the development of new energy vehicles is an important part of Guangdong's strategic emerging industries. However, the cultivation of the market is still a key constraint issue and cannot be completely driven by the government.

Japan's earthquake brings opportunity for transfer

Li Lifu said that Guangdong had previously established road routes for key parts and components of automobiles. It is clear that in 10 to 20 years, the key auto parts and components industry that Guangdong needs to focus on development is a comprehensive regional strategic plan. Although the entire automobile manufacturing industry in Guangdong ranks among the top in the country, the parts and components are still relatively weak. On the other hand, the automobile parts industry in the Yangtze River Delta is developing rapidly. If the Pearl River Delta cannot keep up, it will be more passive.

The impact of supply of key components brought about by the earthquake in Japan in 2011 has become another opportunity for Guangdong to develop its auto parts industry. However, Li Lifu pointed out that the biggest bottleneck of key parts and components is driven by the whole vehicle. The entire vehicle in Guangdong is dominated by Japanese-based joint ventures. The Japanese company will be extremely cautious about the localization of key components in order to maintain the reliability and stability of the brand and products. It needs long-term demonstration, it will not be transferred immediately, and it also requires large-scale long-term investment. Whether it is private enterprises or state-owned enterprises, the key is how to link with the vehicle. And there are many barriers to the development of auto parts. Therefore, the transfer must be implemented.

GAC accelerates the development of indigenous parts and components

"After the earthquake in Japan, its domestic core components will be transferred to the outside world, but not so fast." Guangqi Group Director Lu Hao said that Japanese companies such as Honda have made it clear that some key parts manufacturing will be transferred to the international market. However, in order to diversify risks, Japanese key components will not all be transferred to China.

GAC also pays attention to fostering local parts and components companies to reduce costs for future development. Lu Hao believes that at present, the overall level of domestic parts and components is also increasing, Honda, etc. are also looking for local parts manufacturers to enhance localization support. After a certain period of cultivation, some local parts and components companies also have the ability to “go global”.

The point of view "the market can not trade technology, but the market can bring technology"

Li also proposed another key issue in the development of auto parts technology. He believes that “the market can't change technology, but the market can bring technology.” Guangdong's auto market is very good, so foreign manufacturers will bring key technologies, and some The key technology is also demonstrated in the manufacturing process. Therefore, as a local cooperative enterprise, we should strengthen the learning and digestion of advanced technologies. "The current problem is that no one has digested it and has not learned anything. People will not teach you with hands, but they can all learn hard. This is also a successful experience in the development of the Korean automotive industry."

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